Command Line Interface

TorXakis ships with a command line interface.

To see the available commands type help on the TorXakis prompt. The output is shown in the Torxakis help appendix.

For an example how to use the command line interface take a look at the next chapter Trace and replay functionality or take a look at one of the examples in the Examples chapter.

Command history

Command history can be navigated with the up and down arrows, or using Ctrl-P and Ctrl-N.

To reverse-search in the command history type Ctrl+R.

The command history is kept in the user’s home directory (whose location varies depending on the operating system), in a file called:


Configuration file

TorXakis can be configured by using a configuration file .torxakis.yaml. The configuration file is expected either

  • in the working directory or

  • in the home directory.

The working directory has precedence over the latter. An example of a .torxakis.yaml file can be found in the TorXakis github repository at this page.


To configure TorXakis to use CVC4 instead of Z3 we use the ~/.torxakis.yaml configuration file to change the default SMT solver being used, which we can create using the following commands:

echo 'selected-solver: "cvc4" ' > ~/.torxakis.yaml

From now on TorXakis will use CVC4 instead of Z3.


TorXakis stores also logs of the command line interface in the .torxakis/ folder in the user’s home directory. The file .torxakis/txs-cli-latest.log contains the log of the latest session with the command line interface.