Repository structure

There are several folders in this repository, which serve different purposes:

  • `bin <bin/>`__: utility scripts to start TorXakis UI and server.

  • `ci <ci/>`__: scripts used in our continuous integration process.

  • `ci/mk-package <ci/mk-package>`__: files needed to create Linux packages.

  • `docs <docs/>`__: documentation files for TorXakis.

  • `examps <examps/>`__: example models and systems-under-test (SUT’s) to play around with. This folder also contains some binary (.jpg and .pptx) files, which are used for documentation. Such files are tracked with Git-LFS(*).

  • `sys <sys/>`__: packages that make up TorXakis this is where the source code resides.

  • `test <test/>`__: utilities for quality assurance tests (integration-tests, license-checking, etc).

See the README files in each folders to get a more detailed explanation.

(*): Git-LFS is installed by default along with official git client, so you should be able to access these files without extra effort. If, for some reason, you don’t have Git-LFS, then you can install the official Git-LFS extension.