TorXakis is a tool for Model Based Testing.

It is licensed under the BSD3 license.

TorXakis is written in Haskell and uses `stack <>`__ as build tool. In addition TorXakis needs an SMT solver, such as cvc4 or Z3. The SMT Solver needs to support SMTLIB version 2.5, Algebraic Data Types (as proposed for version 2.6), and Strings. The SMT Solvers are assumed to be located on the PATH. For development acceptance tests javac is needed.

The Haddock documentation is also available here.


Part of the research and development of TorXakis is carried out

  • as part of the NWO-TTW project 13859: SUMBAT: Supersizing Model-Based Testing.

  • as part of the Enable-S3 program under the responsibility of ESI (TNO) with Philips as the carrying industrial partner. The Enable-S3 research is supported by the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs (Toeslag voor Topconsortia voor Kennis en Innovatie).