Make sure that `stack <>`__ is installed, then clone this repository. TorXakis requires a stack version 1.6.1 or greater. To build and install TorXakis locally, if you are on a Windows system run:

stack setup
stack install

On Linux, the following libraries should be installed:

  • libgmp-dev

For Unix systems a different stack configuration is used:

stack setup --stack-yaml stack_linux.yaml
stack install --stack-yaml stack_linux.yaml

The reason for having two configuration files is that on Windows systems the libraries are linked statically, and thus we cannot use the integer-gmp library, since TorXakis is licensed under the BSD3 license.

In the instructions that follow we will omit the --stack-yaml stack-linux.yaml flag, but bear in mind that if you’re in an Unix system you need to add it (or set the STACK_YAML environment variable to “stack-linux.yaml”)

If you experience problems when building from source, sometimes this could be due to Makefiles which do not handle parallel builds well. If problems appear while building, try setting the MAKEFLAGS variable to " -j1 " before running the build commands. For instance on Unix systems this can be achieved by running:

export MAKEFLAGS=" -j1 "
stack setup
stack install

Note that the MAKEFLAGS variable does not affect the parallelism within stack itself.

Compiler warnings are treated as errors

By default, several compiler warnings are treated as errors. While developing we’d like to avoid this: removing warnings requires some extra time. Some parts of the code might not make it when submitting a pull request. Therefore, before a new feature or fix is ready, it doesn’t make sense to try to remove warnings on code that will be deleted in the end. So to have the build system avoid treating warnings as errors use the flag develop as follows:

stack <STACK ARGS> --flag '*:develop'

For instance:

stack test --stack-yaml stack_linux.yaml --file-watch txs-compiler  --ta "-m wrong" --flag '*:develop'

Note that currently only the package txs-compiler supports this flag. If you find yourself needing this flag for other packages feel free to submit an issue or pull request.